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 Xenciles: The Strong Silent type.

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Name: Xenciles
Weapon: HeartReaver (Full Blade)
power (if nobody): Kinetic Absorption

PostSubject: Xenciles: The Strong Silent type.   Mon Oct 26, 2009 4:09 am

Character name: Xenciles
Age: 25
Race: Nobody
Appearance: (see avatar) About six feet tall, with almost tanned skin and silver hair. He has a condition called Complete Heterochromia, meaning two different colored eyes (one red and one steel blue), due to an injury he received from Organization XIII's testing. A lean, muscular body covered in scars from neck down, showing what the Organization did to him.
Personality: Cold, quiet. In his belief, having no heart makes him no different from the Heartless... And he hates the Heartless. Shadows seem to follow him everywhere, and eventually they learned to peacefully coexist with him. There is always at least one Shadow following him, as if it was using him as protection.
Weapon: HeartReaver
Abilities: Kinetic Absorption (completely immune to physical damage)
Background: I was the oldest of them all. The ones in cloaks, the XIII, they said I had a strong Heart. The ages we spent there, the tests they did to us, they made me forget who I was. They took us to a World that Never Was...
Etc.: Tested for Willpower. Eventually I became immune to pain, and when I was reborn as a Nobody, my endurance was magnified.. but at a cost.
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Xenciles: The Strong Silent type.

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