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a kingdom hearts role playing site that mainly revolves around the story of a group of nobodies called Organization Darkrose
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PostSubject: Kazikame~~   Sun Oct 25, 2009 11:28 am

Character name: Kazikame (aka "Kazi")
Race: (nobody/hume) Human
appearance: Dark red straight hair going from his eyes down to his neck(in their obvious directions). He has blue eyes. He wears a Black leather trench coat that spans all the way down to just above his knees. Its open and it flows almost like a cape. With a white zipper line. Under it he wears a red T-shirt with a black crown symbol (similar to Sora's necklace crown). Hes lower body consists of a red multi layered belt and a black pair of cargo pants. His shoes are white with red laces. Sometimes he has a cigarette in his mouth though it is never lit.
Personality: To start, Confident. Kazi talks frequently and happily but never seems to think too hard on what he has to say. Usually cheerful if not surrounded by bad events. He will fight for the good of mankind but he prefers not to be cheesy and dramatic about it. Mysterious.
Weapon:Raven in the form of two one handed red tipped Japanese swords.
Abilities:His weapon is knows as Raven which takes the form its owner wants. In Kazi's case its usually Japanese swords. He is fast with these weapons and accurate with these weapons. Sometimes catches them on fire but that's mostly for looks.
Background: Kazikame is a lone wanderer who devoted his life to killing heartless. He likes the munny though he is more in it for the hopes of an adventure and some action. Refusing to give in and live a normal life he travels in search of heartless and people in distress. He isn't known to give up.
He started hunting heartless when they first appeared on his home planet and killed his love. Through his terror and hope for revenge and a way to kill the heartless that had laid waste to his life he was sought out by his weapon Raven. Ever since he has been traveling in search of answers as to the appearance of these creatures, saving those in need along the way.
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