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a kingdom hearts role playing site that mainly revolves around the story of a group of nobodies called Organization Darkrose
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Name: Erzer
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PostSubject: Erzerberkx   Sun Oct 25, 2009 6:13 am

Character name: Erzerberkx or "Ezer" (spelled erzer pronounced Ezer)
Age: 17
Race: Nobody
appearance: stall and scrawny, normally leaning back or in a hunched over position. When he sits he tends to either lean back or sit forward resting his chin on his hand his legs are always crossed in a proper gentlemanly fashion. His hair is a pale blue and his eyes a deep red all the way through as if he has no pupils. He wears his cloak with the hood up covering his head and a mantle that covers his face from the nose down the combination of these things makes only the top of his nose and one of his eyes visible. He is very lanky however along with how scrawny he is it makes him seem almost skeletal. All together he just looks like a person who cannot fight
Personality: Just like most of his comrades he is very quiet however when he talks he drones for long periods. He acts in a gentlemanly fashion most of the time but is quite often easily enraged. He is normally extremely serious but every now and then he'll have a fit of comedy.
Weapon: dice
Abilities: He has the ability to contort the mind meaning, to put it simply, that he can make you believe what he wants you to, and as long as you have no reason to doubt it that's exactly what you'll do. His general route is to make a person believe that his weapon has changed shape, and they will believe it to the point that it hurts them. another route is that he will make it seem as if he has almost quadrupled in muscular size. With all of these things the enemies minds believe them so much that it becomes reality to them.
Background: not much is known about him, he has stayed the same since day one, he's one of the few that has. he doesn't mention his past, and he stayed, as far as anyone can tell, completely sane throughout the entire time they were being tortured. making most think he may have never been sane in the first place.
Ect.: was tested for the human emotion "Hope" by the organization he was constantly forced to endure harsh conditions. No one has seen his face since the tests started when he's not in his uniform his face is covered in bandages.
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