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 Shax: a nobody

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Name: Shax
Weapon: Scythe
power (if nobody): Living Metal

PostSubject: Shax: a nobody   Sun Oct 25, 2009 5:55 am

Character name: Shax
Age: 16
Race: (nobody/hume) nobody

appearance: height is about 6'3". usually stands up straight with arms folded across each other. there is a giant grey and rusty red bear trap like thing covering his face beacuse of all the experements done on him by Vexen himself. the only things that actually does shine on his face are his blue eyes, which are seen through holes of the trap and his shining yellow hair sticking out from the back.

Personality: quiet but not a loner. i speak only on things i find important. i would do anything to protect my fellow members, even if it ment my life. i'm not as witty as some of my other fellow members, but i tend to think more in philosophical sense

Weapon: Scythe
Abilities: Living metal (turns metal into living beings. but i can't think for them, they make some of their decissions.

Background: i'm haunted by memories of faces of my loved ones. their smiles confuse me and as i attempt to hold them in my hands. they fade away like a hologram. i try not to live in my memories. i work hard on whatever i have to do. always 115%
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Shax: a nobody

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