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 Hidden Worlds

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PostSubject: Hidden Worlds   Wed Nov 04, 2009 10:58 am

I have decided that to keep all the sides from randomly attacking each other that there will be some worlds that only certain sides will have access to. The examples so far are "The World that Never was" and "Castle Oblivion" soon there will be a good world that only good aligned people can go to and an evil world ect ect. there may be a couple of each, but for now this is the way it will be no complaints about "well I can't chase him there" or "I don't know what their planning" that's the point, they shall be worlds that function as a base of operations for each side. Later if a side wants to open a world up they need only discuss it with me, and there may even be wars over worlds like this at some point. This however is in the FAR FAR future, and for now, you should only worry about what their is. Finally as for getting any story bits that come from these barred worlds, I shall update the story section when anything major happens and it will come from anywhere, due to the fact that I am an administrator and can view anything and everything done on this forum. (keep that in mind) I will however not use it as a means to further my character, thank you and I hope you enjoy yet another one of my ideas, if it does fall through I shall remove most if not all of the hidden boards.
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Hidden Worlds

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