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a kingdom hearts role playing site that mainly revolves around the story of a group of nobodies called Organization Darkrose
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 One more thing

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PostSubject: One more thing   Tue Nov 03, 2009 9:37 am

I'm going to switch the permissions up on it but PLEASE don't write in the story sections your posts will get deleated... I failed to mention this before... and I failed to notice that you guys had posted there until I changed your rank... sorry... anyone who is un-administrative or VIP will not be able to post there I made it simply as a section for me to give info on what's going on if you want to post your stuff thats what the journal section is for... I made the "Story" section for the express purpose of letting newer members and people who have been gone for a while know what's been going down... the only two that will be able to post there from now on are me and Xenciles... who I doubt will post there anyways... sorry for your posts getting deleated only reason I know is because it was filed under my administrative actions and I didn't remember doing it... just thought I would let you know why they dissapeared
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One more thing

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