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a kingdom hearts role playing site that mainly revolves around the story of a group of nobodies called Organization Darkrose
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PostSubject: Please read   Sun Nov 01, 2009 12:58 pm

ok so a couple of things keep happening... and I'd like it to stop if possible. 1) please don't make references to kingdom hearts games that ARE NOT OUT YET... I think I've seen 2 people do it already and I just don't want the new game to come out and have you find out you had incorrect information... not to mention that our story line right now is still a WAYs off from the unreleased games. (being right after the defeat of Org 13) as for role playing beyond the games Kingdom Hearts to Kingdom Hearts 2 in time-line I don't much mind it's just that the role playing with the stuff from "Birth by sleep" is bothering me I realize our story line takes place after the games already out and we are writing about stuff that's not out but it's just all the references to the games that aren't out is bothering me, so it doesn't quite matter what we do with stuff from the games already out because we have those as fact just... please don't use information that isn't FACT, thank you

2) jumping around with posts and jumping ahead a lot, everyone is kinda getting all over the place with their role playing, I realize that the fact that we had a lot of people in one tiny thread can be a bit aggravating by the fact that you had to wait for everyone but then again you can wait some of you guys ran ahead with the heartless fight and leaving the castle (not that I'm mad) I just don't want anyone to feel ignored because you went and ran off while doing something, please try to take into consideration your fellow role player's I understand that it was a nice idea to get to Kazi/Grazivus but the fact is you ran out of the organization beginning that's sticking with your characters don't blame anyone else for judging them on it

Now I know the people this pertains to may feel like I'm being mean or something but I was just trying to put this down as rule, as will I with anything else that comes up, til that point I won't bother putting up a rule set, as long as we follow what I hope to be a, well, an obvious set of ideals I guess you could say, there will be no "exact rules" no one is in trouble, no one has done anything horribly wrong, but I just wanted to get this out, if it continues there won't be warning and there won't be punishment unless it gets out of hand and becomes a direct disregard to this post/rule, at least number 1, number 2 will be allowed to a certain extent but may gain your character the scorn of others so be careful, this is a community and I'd like us all to get along, besides these 2 things you are all doing wonderful, thank you and continue enjoying the site!
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Please read

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