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a kingdom hearts role playing site that mainly revolves around the story of a group of nobodies called Organization Darkrose
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Name: Raifeix
Weapon: bladed fans
power (if nobody): Sound control

PostSubject: Raifeix...   Wed Oct 28, 2009 7:04 am

Character name: Raifeix

Age: 16

Race: Nobody

Appearance: Short ink black hair in a pixie cut. It always is spiked up except for her bangs that hang in her eyes. She has big doe eyes that are emerald green that seem to shine with silver light. Her cheekbones stand out on her face and her lips are the only color besides her eyes you will see on her for they are a rosy pink. She has a scar that runs from her right eyebrow across her face to her left jaw. She is around 5' 4' with a curvy build. She has a pale complexion.

Personality: She is quiet and drawn back. She chooses when she feels like talking and no one can make her talk otherwise. She likes most people though if she is annoyed she will not be afraid to say so. She doesn't like people touching her and she will lose control if they do.

Weapon: Bladed Fans (connected to chains that are hooked onto cuffs that cover her forearms. The cuffs have a place for the fans when they are folded up but the chains always hang down).

Abilities: She has complete control over any kind of music, and slight control over sound. When her fans are clapped together it makes a sonic boom that causes damage to the receiver. Her music is mainly enchantments that put the person into a trance.

Background: She was taken from her parents and 2 sisters around the same time as the rest. Raifeix was tested by the organization for all forms of Desire. Because of the abuse and trauma they caused her she doesn't like to be touched or come in close contact with people. Scars cover her body but you can only see the one on her face. Her body shines with pale silver light that has to do with the chemicals that she was given during the experimentation on her.

Ect.: Raifeix wants to be happy but doesn't know how anymore.
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