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a kingdom hearts role playing site that mainly revolves around the story of a group of nobodies called Organization Darkrose
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 :: Coal ::

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Name: Coal
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PostSubject: :: Coal ::   Tue Oct 27, 2009 6:24 am

Character name:







Coal is a elfin figure with sharp features that make you notice she is there. Getting past her size and light skin, her hair takes over a great deal of her person. Though her hair is a dark hue her eyes scream out being the first thing you see about her. Her clothing is nearly always lacking in shoe wear, and if its not freezing she will be in shorts and a shirt. Like the other nobodies she also has an Organization coat, but only wears it if she needs to speak to them for whatever reason that may be.


It may appear she would come off as being just simply a sweet girl, but because of past events things aren’t always as they seem. Her heart is unable to trust, so like it so is she. Only doing things that will help her Coal won’t pick anyone to truly be her friend.


Regular dagger like throwing knives. Kept in holsters on her thighs.


Illusionist. Her ability has one fall back, she must be touching you for it to work. Let her get finger on you and you might as well give up. Whatever you don’t want to see she will find out once she gets into your head to take over your site. She will show you whatever she wants, be it nothing but darkness or a field of flowers. What you think you see is not always what is. Should you believe your eyes if you’re holding hands with this young girl?


Daughter of some couple who fell in love, grew up in some small happy little town, and then was taken. Kidnapped if you may, tested on and later died. Reborn into a nobody who could hardly remember what happened before her rebirth. Just vague images of her past of before who she is now.

Ect.: Tested on trust, which effects everything she does. More then anything she would change that about herself if she ever got the chance she would take it no mater who stood in her way. Its not like she trusted them anyway.
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PostSubject: Re: :: Coal ::   Tue Oct 27, 2009 6:56 am

I'm taking it you were one of the nobodies created in what we refer to as "the crisis" but you're stuff makes it seem like you're not a member because you were reborn somewhere else and without memories this is acceptable and good because we aren't recruiting more members for organization darkrose but we do need other misc. characters and this one would fit the bill
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:: Coal ::

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