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 Leixand (work in prgress)

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Name: Leixand (Dan)
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PostSubject: Leixand (work in prgress)   Tue Oct 27, 2009 6:18 am

I messed with the template a bit, hope that isn't a problem

Player name: Dan
Character name: Leixand
Race: Nobody
Age: Currently unknown
Appearance/Personality: It would be unusual for you to see Leixand without a smirk on his face. His eyes will tell you his story, though it's mostly likely filled with lies, deceit, and or hidden agendas. Contrary to most of the other members, he is wearing the traditional Organization XIII attire. He spends most of his time scrounging the castle for old documents and research notes.
Weapon: Spiked Sleeves
Ect: Number XI in the organization
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Leixand (work in prgress)

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