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a kingdom hearts role playing site that mainly revolves around the story of a group of nobodies called Organization Darkrose
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 role playing

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PostSubject: role playing   Tue Oct 27, 2009 5:08 am

OK so now that we have a nice amount of members I think I'd like to throw out there that I want BIOS done before you start role playing! as for those who have bios done please start role playing if I have a concern with any bios or if anyone else has a concern let me know and I will let the member know so it can be fixed! god moding will not be tolerated! be kind and have fun! org members please start role playing in the WtNw and you humans can use twilight town; however if this is not good and you need another world send me a PM and I'll toss out any worlds you need!
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role playing

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