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a kingdom hearts role playing site that mainly revolves around the story of a group of nobodies called Organization Darkrose
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 Expesh: The world's best one-liner.

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Name: Expesh (Jacob)
Weapon: Grayswandir (BladeBrush)
power (if nobody): Probability Manipulation

PostSubject: Expesh: The world's best one-liner.   Tue Oct 27, 2009 4:33 am

Character name: Darrien (previously Expesh)

Age: assumed around 24, birth date unknown

Race: (nobody/human) Nobody

Appearance: About 5'9", weight of about 135 lbs, Scary white spiked hair, Eye color changes depending on mood, Expesh is a good looking guy. Not the strongest guy around, or the smartest. His entire life he has been surrounded by the misfortunate and the unlucky, only to realize this was his fault. He now stays away from all but his best friends, and when battle arises, he fights with the blade (made of a translucent crystal) attached to an enlarged paintbrush (Which he calls Grayswandir (The whole thing, not just the paintbrush)).

Personality: Hard to tell, he always cracks a joke, even if the subject is taboo. He seems to act irrationally, but he has his own agenda to complete. He may seem mentally, unstable, and he probably is, but he just might have a trick up his sleeve. You'll never know.

Weapon: Paint-blade, called Grayswandir.

Abilities: Probability manipulation: Things never are as they seem around Expesh. When you think you have the upper hand in battle, a cow might just fly out of nowhere and hit you in the head. Or it might fight along side you. You get the picture? He mostly uses this ability to manifest material objects he desires from the drawings he creates.

Background: There is absolutely NO record of Expesh before his departure from his home world. His ability seemed to exist before he became a nobody, as a lot of unlucky and lucky things happened around him. His power accidentally destroyed a planet by causing a high powered beam of energy to collide with his temporary residence there. Good things he left earlier, otherwise he would have been toast.

Ect.: If you happen to meet him, be cautious. He is sensitive about a few things. Don't bring up his love life, and don't try to be funny. Don't lie, he can tell. Also, if you want something from him, you better have cash out the ass, otherwise the answer's gonna be no.
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Expesh: The world's best one-liner.

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