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 Grazivus's Bio

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Name: Grazivus
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PostSubject: Grazivus's Bio   Mon Oct 26, 2009 8:35 pm

Character name: Grazivus [Grah-ZEE-Vuhs] or "Graz" for short.

Age: 19

Race: Hume

Appearance: Of what is normally seen, he has a wide, oriental-like sunhat spanning to both shoulders, with shoulder-length locks of brown hair underneath, and a medium length, loose goatee. He wears dark green, large baggy pants and a baggy robe tied loosely at the front with a black cloth belt, much like a "samurai" appearance. However, he also has worn, black boots reinforced with scratched metal plates on the toes. Under his hat, he has icy, pale green eyes with gold extending outward from his pupils, though much of the time it's hard to tell whether they are blue or green. The nails on his left hand have grown an inch or two out, helping him to strum the guitar, although easily used for close combat.

Personality: While usually being quiet and keeping to himself, holding the belief that too much talking is not only worthless, but a sign of stupidity, he can be energetic. He has a slightly twisted mind, and often times seems emotionless and cruel, and is definitely not a social person. He can fall to his temper, and gets a bloodlust in battle. Over all, silent and unpredictable. Much of the time he will be found with his guitar slung on his shoulder, playing away on strange sounding songs, singing, or just staring off into thought.

Weapon: Broken Harmony - What at first appears to be a blood red acoustic guitar breaks into a shield from the large body, and a sword from the neck down following the black strings. Often times, when drawn, the sword's blade gives off a faint black glow.

Abilities: Discord - Playing strings on his blade, the notes start to impede others' thoughts from being clear, though over a gradual length of time. It has a very weak effect on those without hearts.

Background: On the day when his friends and family were killed, he went slightly insane, giving in and accepting the very darkness which swallowed his loved ones, and quickly after his entire home world. The resulting darkness in his heart materialized into Broken Harmony. After he woke on a strange world, he sought answers to what had happened, and quickly set up an excuse for his misery, blaming beings of the light for being weak and failing to protect worlds. He set off on a quest to end the light and help darkness overcome all through it's power, and attacked anyone with a pure light in their heart. Only recently has he heard of the existence of Organization Members, and really holds little interest for them, save the fact they lack hearts and still exist.

Ect.: At times, he may give off a low, rumbling growl.

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Grazivus's Bio

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